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My Primary page showing
Town Views of the Stars

If you had a java-enabled browser, you could see
my views of the stars.

style 2 (one view) and style 3 (8 views)

My Primary page showing
Town Views of the Stars

The above applet shows views of the stars as seen in towns and cities.
It only shows the brightest stars, and the Sun, Moon and planets.

They are shown in 8 directions, two of the views being dupicated.
Also shown is a view of the stars in one direction,
the direction of the view being adjustable.

The aim of the applet is to provide a view of the stars
for someone who looks at them out of a convenient window.
This might face in any direction.

Stars which can't be seen in the sky due to street lighting etc.
which faintly illuminates clouds that are virtually invisible
are not shown.

Each view shows the stars which are
25 degrees to the left and right of the central point around the horizon,
and the view above the horizon at that point. The view extends to the Zenith
and slightly beyond.

The menu allows you to select whether you would like
the equatorial equator or the ecliptic to be displayed,
which shows the track of the Sun, Moon and planets.

Links are also provided which lead to views of the set of principal views or to the single view.