Alexander Denisenko's
photographs of Lviv

Mediaeval Walls

Hlynianska Vezha

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Hlynianska Vezha.
Here you can see the part of the defence wall containing the
southern gate of mediaeval Lviv, built in the 16th century.

This is one of the very few remaining fragments of the
city fortification. In the middle ages, the stone
wall encircled the whole city and had towers like this
at intervals.

To see an engraving of the city prepared in the
15th century, showing the city walls as they were
a century before Hlynianska Vezha was built,
click here. (86K)

Behind the gate is the 17th century
Monastery of Bernardines.

jpeg fc
This shows the Southern Gate of mediaeval Lviv,
built in the 16th century.

jpeg 060
Through the gate of Hlynianska Vezha,
you can see an allegoric monument
which was put here fairly recently.

jpeg 061
Here you can see the inner part of the city defense wall
of the 16th century, adjacent to the
monastery of Bernardines.

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Photographs © Alexander Denisenko, 1998, 1999.