Alexander Denisenko's
photographs of Lviv

Ivan Fedorov

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The statue portrays Ivan Fedorov, the first
Ukrainian/Russian/Belorussian bookprinter.
He lived in Lviv in the middle of the 16th century
and also worked in Moscow and Ostrog.

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The books he printed used the old Slavic characters
and he used the same printing techniques as
Guttenberg and Scorina.

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From the statue, the twin towers of the St. Michael
Studite Church are visible in the distance.
This 17th century building used to be a Carmelite
Church and monastery. Later it was closed by
Bolsheviks and turned into a warehouse.
Studites - the order of the Greek Catholic church -
acquired the ruined building in the middle of the
1980s and returned it to its original appearance.

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Photographs © Alexander Denisenko, 1998, 1999.