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If you had a Java-enabled browser, you would see
an image map allowing you to jump to pages having
my applets.

My MenuBar applet

Your browser is not Java enabled.
If it was, you would see an applet here which asked you to look around for another window. This other window would contain a drawing of a flower and would have a menubar across the top on most platforms. On an Acorn computer, you would need to use the Menu button (the middle button of your mouse) to view the menu, which allows the colour of the flower, text and background to be changed.

This is an example of an applet with a separate window. This was necessary to allow me to use a menubar arrangement. On some computers this provides a list of menu headings at the top of the applet but on the Acorn platform you use the 'menu' mouse button (the middle button) to display a menu of the list of menu headings.

Not only does this applet allow you to change the colours of various items, etc., it also shows you which was the last menu item you selected.

I don't know why the menu item selecting the stem doesn't work on Microsoft Internet Explorer 4. It works on Netscape 4 and on the Acorn computers.

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