Keith's astrolabes: introduction to the astrolabes displayed with my Java applet.
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The astrolabe window which is displayed when you view the main page provides a simulation of four different types of medieval astrolabe, with extras. It allows you to select settings using menus, buttons and keys instead of using the manual techniques necessary with the original instruments.

Keyboard keys can be used to change quickly between the different displays. Select Help: Key Functions or press F2, k or K to open a window showing the functions of certain keys.

You will find details of how to use the four astrolabes on web pages which accompany this program.

My objective when writing the program has been to provide me with a way to print out and construct astrolabes so that, after using them, and experimenting with them, I have a better understanding of how astrolabes were used in medieval times. I hope you use the program with the same aim, and obtain as much enjoyment as I have had from making and using paper astrolabes.

Have fun! Let me know if you like the program.

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