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Please note that to see the Astrolabe you will need any version of Internet Explorer and Java up to version 8


Java applets

If you have a Java-enabled browser (so can view applets) and would be interested to see where I earlier reached in learning about Java programming, you can go to my java index page. This has links to a set of trivial java applets which demonstrate a few features.

But my pride and joy is my Astrolabe program which has taken me a long time to write.


In 1998 I had written a few applets and applications in Java. See above.

I had previously written applications in C using the AcornC/C++ compiler.

However, in 1998 I had mainly written trivial programs, nothing which would interest others unless they want to know how I had accomplished something.

One of my trivial programs (now lost!) downloaded and analysed the lottery results in an endeavour to find a correlation between them and the only physical aspect of the lottery mechanism which I could imagine just might make the result ever so marginally predictable, Needless-to-say, I didn't detect a correlation, but the exercise didn't cost me a penny. I have never wasted money by buying lottery tickets.

Since 1999, when I became interested in medieval astronomy, I wrote a number of Java applets which helped me to understand how the medieval methods worked as the time changed. Principally, I wrote my Astrolabe program, of which I am immensely proud,

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