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Please note that to see the Astrolabe you will need any version of Internet Explorer and Java with applets allowed

automated astrolabe
(a Java applet).
Star Views
town views
of stars
(a Java applet).
(a Java applet).
Mars equatorium
(a Java applet)
Mercury equatorium
(a Java applet)
Moon equatorium
(a Java applet)

My home page

Hello, there! How are you today? I do hope you are well.

Welcome to my Web site!

Some of my pages tell you a little about me
and my passtime of writing trivial computer applications,
including some Java applets and Java applications.

I'm particularly proud of my
automated astrolabe.
This is a Java applet.

A medieval astrolabe was made of
two brass plates, one revolving over the other.
It allowed users to solve many
astronomical problems.

My automated astrolabe rotates
according to the current time and date
and many adjustments are easily made
with the buttons provided.

Another page shows town views of the stars
showing the sky view above 8 points around the horizon in steps.

There are pages illustrating dynamically how in the middle ages
people found where Mars , Mercury and the Moon were located along the ecliptic.

I also created a page explaining how I photographed
a transit of the planet Venus across the face of the Sun
on 8th June 2004.

Another page gives details of a a pocket sundial

My pages also cover some of my interests:

searching for information on Eugeniusz Litwinczuk,

the buildings and features of Lviv
which is a beautiful city in Ukraine,

the town of Siatista in Northern Greece,
where I know several of the families,
including one lady who runs a school
offering English, German and Russian tuition
and is looking for pen-friends for her students,

the botanical genus Sedum and the Sedum Society,

my local historical architecture,

and the history of Bradwell Priory with its story of
the niche which held a miraculous healing statue,
the chapel built around the niche,
and the wall paintings inside the chapel.

You can email me at

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