Keith Powell's transit of Venus

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Transit of Venus

On the 8th June, 2004, there was a transit of Venus across the Sun. I set up binoculars propped up to be almost on the top of the back of a large reclining red chair, pointing at the Sun, a half of the binoculars being in the shade. On the seat of the chair I arranged a piece of grey paper propped at an angle on which the image of the Sun appeared.

I used a camera pointing at the grey paper to photograph the image.

The dot shows Venus against the Sun.
The dot on the white circle shows Venus against the Sun.

Fortunately, I used the camera to photograph the binoculars, and the tripod on which had been used the camera.

Below are these two photographs.

The binoculars on the chair
The binoculars on the top of the back of the red chair.

The camera tripod. Behind, the Sun's image on grey paper.
The camera tripod. You can also see the Sun's image on grey paper.

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