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Historical Architecture

My interest in local historical architecture is principally in
the features of medieval churches in North Buckinghamshire.
We are fortunate in having many examples.


All Saints, Wing
The Church of All Saints, Wing
(Click on the picture to see a slightly larger version)

The most important Saxon church in the area is the Church of
All Saints, Wing (about 12 miles south-east of Buckingham).
Many of the features of this church date from the early 800's.

Norman and later

All Saints, Wing
The Church of St Michael, Stewkley
(Click on the picture to see a slightly larger version)

The church of St Michael, Stewkley (which is about 10 miles
south-east of Buckingham) has been described as:
'the most splendid piece of Norman parochial architecture in
Buckinghamshire and in addition is exceptionally complete
and unaltered'.

St Giles, Water Stratford (a couple of miles to the west of
Buckingham) also has many interesting Norman features. Although
this church was rebuilt in Victorian times, the original features
were incorporated in the rebuilt version of the church.

In North Buckinghamshire,
we have examples of Norman architecture in many of our local
churches, as well as fine examples of Early English, Decorated
and Perpendicular architecture.

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