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The Sedum Society

The Sedum Society was founded in April 1987 for people interested in the plants of the Genus Sedum or its closely related genera. It is a small international society with members in many countries of the world.

The society sends out four newsletters every year, each of which usually has 24 or more pages (A5 size) and has lots of illustrations, including colour photographs.

Each year there is a cuttings scheme. (Cuttings are easily removed from Sedum plants without harming them, can be posted cheaply, can survive in the post for long periods if not crushed, and can easily be grown into new plants.) To join the scheme, members send to the organiser a list of those of their Sedum plants which are large enough for a few cuttings to be removed. Later they receive back a composite list showing which members in the scheme have what spare cuttings. They can then request cuttings by writing directly to the owners of the plants.

The cuttings scheme is an excellent way to increase the number of species and varieties in your collection, as well as to replace losses. You make many friends when you are in this scheme. If you join the Sedum Society you will find that it is a very friendly group of people.

There is also a seed scheme as well as other benefits.

To find out more about the Sedum Society and to see five beautiful photographs of Sedum plants, go to:
If you have a query about your Sedum plants, ask Ray Stephenson: