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Eugeniusz Litwinczuk

photo of Eugeniusz: 1935
Eugeniusz Litwinczuk.
This photograph of Eugeniusz was
attached to his application to enter the
Lviv University in September 1935.

On behalf of his brother, Wadim, and his son, Richard, I am trying to find out what happened to Eugeniusz Litwinczuk. I would be very grateful for any information whatsoever which anyone can provide concerning Eugeniusz or any of his relatives after Wadim last saw them in September 1939.

Eugeniusz was born in September 1913.

He studied chemistry at Lviv University (Lwow/Lvov University) from 1935 to 1939 and lived at that time with his parents at 14 Gleboka (now called Hlyboka).

I have been enormously helped in this search for information about Eugeniusz by Alexander Denisenko. (Alexander is the manager of TUA. See below for more information on TUA.)

Wadim didn't remember the number of his apartment block in Gleboka. Alexander made a video showing the buildings in this street as well as of many other places in Lviv which Wadim might recall, including several educational buildings.

I have snatched many interesting photographs of Lviv from the video and these are on the TUA section of my web site.

Wadim didn't recognise any of the buildings in Gleboka until the video showed number 14, which Alexander had said was the most likely one. When Wadim saw the entrance to number 14 he excitedly said, 'That is the entrance to where I lived.'

Although Wadim had previously been unable to remember much about his home in Lviv, it triggered his memories and he was able to draw a plan of the apartment block and indicate the position of his apartment.

Alexander can now continue with his search.

Alexander has already found 14 documents in the University archives relating to Eugeniusz, dating from September 1935 to September 1938, one having a note written by Eugeniusz in December 1939. Two of these documents have fastened to them copies of the above photograph. It is the only photograph which Wadim has of any of his lost family. Unfortunately, none of these documents helps to determine what happened to Eugeniusz after 1939. Alexander's search continues...

As I have said above, I have been enormously helped in this search for information on Eugeniusz by Alexander Denisenko who is the manager of TUA.

Meanwhile, perhaps you know something which might help...

If you think you have information which would help,
please Email me at

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