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Tatiana Kotsika-Grava's

Language School

Siatista is a small town within the Province of Macedonia in Northern Greece. Here, Tatiana Kotsika-Grava has an excellent school which is dedicated to teaching students English, German and Russian.

The school: 1

Tatiana has been teaching languages for some years. Her school building, which was opened in 1996, is used to teach about 80 pupils and is growing strongly.

The school: 2 The school: 2 The school: 3

From the photographs you can see that the school is newly built and furnished, thus providing an atmosphere which is conducive to study and reflects its modern outlook.

The children range in age from 8 to 18. They are progressively taught until they are completely fluent and have excellent reading and writing skills. They are then able to take the Palso Cambridge and Michigan examinations at Lower and Proficiency levels.

A member of the Palso organisation


Tatiana would particularly like to hear from students in other countries who would enjoy corresponding in English with some of her pupils.

Children in Tatiana's School

If you are interested, write to Tatiana at her school, whose address is:



Language School
14 Macedonia St.
Siatista 50300

Tel +30 24650 22226
Fax +30 24650 22183

Unfortunately, the school doesn't have an email address.


Siatista, which now has a population of about 6000, has been one of the wealthiest towns in Northern Greece for several centuries. It is unique in having many mansion houses, built in the 18th and 19th centuries, all of which have a remarkably similar and distinctive architectural style.

The Manoussios Public Library of Siatista is one of the most important libraries in Greece, boasting rare editions of the 16th century onwards.

Among Siatista's many churches are two built in 1677 and 1701.

Siatista and Vourinos

Siatista is just to the north of Vourinos, a mountain which is outstanding for its flowers, butterflies, birds and other wild life. Vourinos (or Bourinos as it is known locally) has been the subject of several botanical studies and has its own endemic species.

Siatista has a museum which is almost totally devoted to Vourinos. It contains an outstanding collection of pressed flowers from the mountain which has been supplemented by a large range of colour photographs, and contains beautifully preserved specimens of the wildlife.

An excellent book called "Bourinos" has been written by George Sfikas and was published by the Mountaineering Club of Siatista in 1996 (ISBN 960-85879-0-5). It covers the flora, animals, birds and butterflies which live on the mountain and has dozens of attractive photographs of them. The book also describes Siatista and mentions some of the more interesting aspects of the town.